Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Reflection 2016

I have been in pt England since I was 5 years of age. I have to say being in pt England school it has been the best primary and intermediate childhood memory's of my life. What I have enjoyed being in P.E.S is going to school and it my lunch and meeting new teachers and students every year. For me I am proud of attending P.E.S if they are like a family that I get to see every 5 days. What I will take for 2017 is my responsible, leadership and respectful self to Tamaki College. 

My special message to say to P.E.S is thank for the best childhood years I hope I don't forget the years I have been in this school.

Thank you Pt England School for the best times.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

visiting Tamaki College

Wednesday,  September the 20th our students of year 8 and I got a opportunity to go to Tamaki college to see how it would be if were going there or not. When we got there there was a lovely lady here name was  Mrs Moore who was the deputy principal of TC. We all got into three groups and went to our classes.

Our first subject was Social studies we met teacher  named Mr Allison. We learnt about how people around the world how they arrive to school. For me well yesterday I walked pretty early to school because I had Basketball training. Then we had to create ourselves some new pair of shoes. My one was fake Roshes with Under Armour logo and a saying
Jhon worry. We had to say goodbye to Mr Allison because we went had to go to our next class.

Later on we met a Numeracy teacher Mrs Dunn. She taught us about Algebra. Incase you have not noticed that Algebra has letter and numbers. For example 2a + 3a = 5a but the it got even harder. We did lots of question which only my friend Stevenson could get the answers and was pretty lucky to get a chocolate.

After that we had interval and had a Muesli bar, Apple and a spring water bottle. Later on we went to our normal tech classes on Tuesday. My group is in graphics with Mr Pineda we are creating our own drink bottles. Mine is 1.25 liters, Grey and blue color, Flavour Pear and Apple and the theme is sports. Later after that we had Lunch time we had Subway, Apple and a water bottle.

30 minutes later we had our English classes to go to. I was with a teacher a teacher that I am really looking forward to attending his class his name is Mr Stevenson. Why I want to attend his class is because he has been working with my brother. Who has graduate last year and I wanted to be that same person as my brother when I go to TC.

2 pm we went to the Tamaki Recreation center and did 2 activities. We played a game don’t know what it is called but it was like tiggy but you can’t move with the ball. We played three or four rounds of this game and then went back to the hall to get ready to go home. Then we saw the deputy principal of TC and told us that the 1’st xv might have a chance to go to the A group if they can beat the lowest A group in there. When I heard that I really want to try and make the 1st xv team to make my school proud and communitie happy.

GOAL: For me next year my goals is to be like my older brother George. Why because he graduated, was a prefect and  made it to some rep teams for league like Akarana Falcons and  Vulcans.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Long long time ago there lived a volcano he lived in the middle of the ocean. He sang a song wishing his dream will come true that hopefully he would have someone to lava him. He sang his song everyday waiting.  He didn't notice there was a nice lady all the way at the back of him listening to his song.

She felt so sad too that she wanted someone to lava her too. So she sang the same song wishing that the volcano would hear her voice.

Later on the volcano was in a light sleep until he heard a voice. He said “ That's not a normal voice that is the most beautiful voice I have ever heard before’’. As he was listening he cried with loving tears in his eyes.

He was so happy that he had finally he had heard a lady volcano listening to him. As she was singing he sang along with her they sang everyday wishing they could meet.  

The house next door

This is a story about three brothers John, Bob and Nick they lived in an old small house where they lived next to an forest. On an hot cloudy Saturday morning John and his brothers decided to go for a bush walk. So the Brothers agreed to go they gotten all the things they needed for a bush walk and went off.

While they were walking they saw car tracks and a strange thing on the side of the footpath. They saw a Letter box were there were scratches on the side and it had the number 20. Bob realized that there were not any number twenty on the road but they also realized that the number was 21. Later on they kept on walking trying to find the house 20 but they couldn't find the house so they walked backed.

They walked for long long time they did not know where they were going. So The brothers had no choice they decided to sleep at the forest till he see a car or someone to come bye. The next morning they woke up hearing a  strange noise the heard a song a funny song a loud song they could hear it coming down were the 21 house. So they packed their bags and went to the 21 mail box and looked down the hill. They could see cars a house and people so the went running to 21 house and ran and ran. Finally they made it to the house and introduced themselves to them and they had good neighbors  from that day now.   

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Brenda Martinez

This presentation is about a little girl who has been struggling with running shoes because she loved to run.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Immersion Assembly

Sitting on the ground watching all the performances pretty excited to see team 5’s. Later on Mr Burt said give a round of applause for team…. 5 everyone clapped. Mrs Giant and the other teachers ran up to the stage. It was a big shock to all the teachers and students when they saw Mr Boko in his skirt.
Mrs Giant called upon Miss Cherry the Australian competitive. She was pretty humble in her little speech. Miss Cherry leapt into action. Her score was 3/7!  She was pretty sad because she vomited half way through her dance.
It was Miss Clock’s turn. She was pretty shy because she was speechless. Miss Clock did her dance but hit herself with the hula hoop and lost a tooth. Her score was ⅖ she was pretty disappointed about her score. She saw it was Mr Boko’s turn and knew he would be good!
It was Mr boko’s turn. He had a skateboard and did a 360 flip,ollie,180 and did a dark catch grind. He did it effortlessly, such a pro!  Mr Boko’s score was 10/10 - he was the winner for 2016 !!!   

Mrs Frodo went to Mr boko and gave him his gold medal. Mr Boko was so proud and waved to Miss Boko and his daughter, Miss berry was crying a lot but then her dad came to give a hug and Miss clock was crying too but with blood in her mouth pouring down.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Ancient Olympics

If I was alive when the Olympics first started - I would choose to participate in the sport of boxing.Why?   I would be a boxer because I love watching Joseph  Parker and his moves. It is pretty cool to hear that they used straps around there arms instead huge glove i'm sure just by one hit it will be sour. Im wondering right know if I was a world champ and played I'll think by one hit i'll have the fastest knock out. Also I'll make a move call it the Flying hit.
Here is a photo of what they wear to fight in.

Thursday, 7 July 2016


There was once a man named Jeff who won a prize which included a camera and a trip to Long Bay beach. He needed to travel there and so he headed to the Glen Innes Train Station. The wait there was long - 3 hours!

He wandered around the place and saw a sign that was said 'Great Tongs Takeaways'. He thought to himself that it was a maths shop so he entered the shop with his books and pen and saw six plates on a table. A lady came up to him and said “Are you here to compete in the eating chicken wing contest”. Jeff replied “No I'm here to learn My Takeaways”. The lady smiled and replied “Okay come along then sit right here, first you have to eat all this under 45 minutes okay now go”. Jeff wasn't sure how this would help learning his takeaways but he obeyed. He was nervous he took a bite of his first one - it felt crunchy and hard. Jeff had only had 40 more wings!

Jeff's time was up when he saw the train coming and rushed  quickly he had about 5 more minutes until the train moves he saw a lady holding a sandwich and a snickers bar. Jeff told the lady if she can take a video of him walking inside the train Jeff was walking until boyz passing the ball. Then he had to go again but this one was alright after his video the lady gave the camera to jeff and then. The door closed the lady was outside Jeff tried to open the but couldn't. So the lady went to his son that was in the train was upset so Jeff went up to the boy and said it’s alright i’ll be here till your mum cames. After that the train stopped at sylvia park Jeff asked the little boy “What is your name”. The little boy replied “Isaac, Isaac is my name”. So they sat and waited and waited and then finally the train came we tried to find Isaac’s mother but there was no sign of her. So they sat down but when the sat they could hear a strange name calling a sound that was saying “Isaac Isaac”. So just as the train was gone we saw Isaac’s mum facing her back to us and we said “Mum Mum” out loud. Then she turned around happy to see her son but probably angry to see Jeff. Later on Jest when she arrived she hugged Isaac Kissed Him and said thank you to Jeff and paid him $50 dollars and they lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Show not tell.

Rainbow’s end

Going to Rainbow’s end feeling nervous my first time there going on the Pirate ship. Hopped on the instructor telling us the rules I was so scared that i’ll vomit or pee my pants. Who know’s what going to happened but then. It started it went in a slow pace I said to myself nothing to worry it feels like a kid ride then. It went even faster I couldn't handle it put my hands up in the air but once I put my hands up I had a funny feeling it was wet down my pants. I said to the instructor sir “ I peed my pant” I felt embarrassed but when I looked down it was my bottle of water. Then I hoped of walking with my jumper in front of me.

Later on I said to myself I should do one more but this one is the fear fall but at the same time i'm not bringing my water bottle. I hopped on buckled my seat I was by myself when I went up and up it felt like I was on the sky tower. When I got up there it stopped I started shivering because it was cold I had butterflies in my tummy then… I went down I had that same funny feeling when I was on the Pirate ship. I looked down I had My bottle but I realise that I left my bottle I said to myself did I pee my pants. Just when I got on the ground I thought it was raining already Actually it wasn't raining it was pee.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Wool and Nail Art.

Today the 26th of May me and Hosea did a Arts and craft using Nails,Hammer,wool and a piece of wood. For me and Hosea we made a star we putted 11 nail's in each corner of the star. We also had to make it even and make sure that the bottom of the wood here is a photo of how we ended up with the wool. It was lots of fun doing Wool and Nail Art and I think that I will like to pick this one when we have to pick our choices.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Master piece of art work.

On Friday the 20th of May year 7 & 8 room 3 made and art work for term 2  topic. (As I see it) It was so fun it only took me and the others an hour. Hope fully I will post up something new like a sea horse. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Today room 5 maths class was doing Tessellation this is my Tessellation pattern I have done.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Revolution tour

On Thursday the 12th of May  Pt England school’s year 7 and 8 went to the hall. In the hall was the Revolution tour they came and performed for us by telling us 'we can do it', we can do things better. Then Regi introduced himself and the team they were mostly singers, they were pretty good. Regi played a song which I forgot but he played it on a trumpet.

Later on his friend came, she sang let it go it was cool barley everyone sang because it was a girl song to be honest. Soon as that finished Regi played another song which I also have no idea. After that he brought out two sisters and sang work by Rihanna. Next Regi told us some jokes and telling us that men and women are different.

Later he told us that he didn't have a mum or a dad and he did not know that he had brothers our sisters. He grew up in a foster home in America and look at him now he is know in the Revolution tour cool,funny and a person to look up to. Then he told us a little saying to us that goes like this' I can..You can..We can..I got your back'. What was soo cool about that is that it had enthusiasm Then he did a last song on his trumpet he did one call away. Then we all got up and did the running man challenge song.

What I like about the Revolution tour is that they make people laugh sometimes they talk about what they have been through in the past and other things. Maybe next time i’ll try and remember the songs that Regi played.


On Tuesday the 10th of may the whole pt England school came to the hall and watched a performance from america. There names were Lisa,Matt and Danny they had a whole suit with LED lights on it had a system that turns off and on. They said that they have been inspired my Michael Jackson and people from the streets.


Thursday, 12 May 2016

The butterfly effect.

This story is about two siblings going away next door for the weekends. This photo is a letter to the charterers parents. To tell them what happened and will happen if we needed to stay over someones house next time. Hope you enjoy my letter also the book is called The butter fly effect.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly.

On the 1st day of term 2 Pt England school had a Immersion Assembly. 
As I see it  is the team inquiry where we do arts, making, building and creating. Team 1 started. Mrs George introduced what her team was doing. They are drawing the favorite things for what they like and putting it into paper such as chocolate, hokey pokey and rugby.

Team 2 are focusing on seasons like Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter. Each class has a season Winter is Miss Eadie, Ms Szymanik has Summer, Mrs Nalder has Spring and Ms Tumahai has Autumn.

Team 3 are focusing on building and designing houses and other things. Their ideas were based on a movie they have been watching, inspired from the  T.V show Grand designs.

Team 4 are creating their own comic books using pastel in their coloring. They are even creating comics on their Chromebooks too.
Lastly Team 5 are focusing on on our school waka’s. They are Hinemoana (Blue), Te Aurere (Red), Hikianalia (Yellow) and Hokule’a (Green).

I really liked team 4 because they are doing something creative that involves drawing and making things. I also can’t wait to see what they will make this term and see what their different character's name are.

Friday, 8 April 2016

On Thursday the 7th of April Pt England school will be having a Fiafia. Incase if your wounder what is Fiafia Fiafia is when everyone in our school performs to our families and friends. There is heaps of groups like senior samoans, senior hip hop and more. We have been doing fiafia for the past 20 years twice a year.

For me i’m in the senior Samoan group our teachers are Mrs Timmy, Mrs West, Mrs Allen and Mrs Vaafusuaga. We are doing a normal dance to a Song called Samoa e maopo’opo mai. This song represents the samoan culture and that we will never forget our culture. Also I am in the back row rich all the boys are in and two lines in front which are the girls.

Yesterday (The 6th of April) the hole of Pt England school came together and did a rehearsal. We did a rehearsal so that we know how it is on the stage and how to get on our lines. It was very hot when we had to sit but luckily we had hats and sunblock. Finally we finished everyone went to the taps all thirsty to me it felt like I was getting cooked in an oven.

Pt England school have been practicing our items for the past 6,7 weeks. What i’m looking forward for Fiafia is the food, our items we have been doing and our parents watching us on the stage. Come visit my blog next time to tell you what have happened on the night.

Fiafia Night

Last night (7th of April) Pt England school had our annual Fiafia. It was so cool when I got there there were heaps of people. There were people eating food, talking, laughing and enjoying the time in school. When we had to get into our dressing rooms everyone was nervous and exciting at the same time. Once Mr Burt called out to tell us to move to the stage we were ready. We sat down the MC’s were introducing themselves and the first group. The MC’s were Jordan,Collin,Elizabeth and Marilyn they were Prefects.The first group was the senior kapa haka they did an awesome performance. Later on we were on next we were after Jump Jam all of us were worried. This dance was represented by our beloved ones Priscilla and also the Tui Family. As it was our last dance we tried our very best we did our actions big sang the song but still inside we were nervous. Finally we were finished we all quickly went of the stage and we all felt good about ourselves. After that we finished all the parents came to get us in our rooms wanting to huge us. Finally i went home I was so exhausted about the Fiafia finally I went to sleep.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How fire came to Samoa

This legend belongs to Samoa. This is how fire came to Samoa According to the stories of long ago.

Thursday, 11 February 2016



Once upon a time there were two brothers named mick and nick they lived with their mum and dad. On day their mother told them to go to the beach and go catch some fish. So they went to go do what their mother said and went. While they were fishing a storm came Its was raining hard the clouds were thick the water was rough. Then it hit em a huge wave came crashing down.

Later that night there mum and dad got worried that they must of got hurt during the night. So there mother called the police to tell them that their two sons are missing after the Tragic storm that came at night time then the policemen said don’t worry i'm bring two men to come and get them. while they were swimming the saw…..

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