Friday, 25 July 2014

My Hoilday.

In my holiday I stayed home watching movies, the movies that i was watching was Step up 3,and the movies on Family movies on channel 35.  

I also play boxing with my brother George  with the boxing gloves.

It wasn't that fun because my mum does night shifts for Countdown at Mangere. She dosn't work at Countdown she makes the stuff for them.

I also played on the computer I was playing my best game of all time it was Swords and sandals number 1 and 2. It’s a very cool game  to play we fight with other people you get to create your person. Also I was playing King of Fighters it’s a gangster game.

JULY 20th 2014.

Cyrus, Maroroa, Lorenzo and I go to the same church. We sat the Exams for church we were learning about the bible. It was a bit hard because we did two long answers which means we have to retell the whole story and short  answers. I think we all did good work I think I must have come 3rd or 4th.

We were learning about Abraham's son named Isaac and his son’s named Esau and Jacob.  Also about Jacob's son named Joseph and his family. We also did our Memory Verses called Proverbs chapter 16 Verses 1 to 4.

It was school time I really wanted to see everyone but on the day My best friend named Night he wasn't there so I had to play with my other friends playing touch. Well it was the best holiday but we still didn't go to the movies.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Moby Dick

In 1820 200 years ago there was a man named Captain Ahab  sailed a ship named Essex. It went Whale Hunting in the Pacific Ocean. To look for a big Whale called Moby Dick.

Once they were whaling they saw the 32 Meters long Moby Dick. But then Moby Dick crashed into the Essex ship. But then the ship sank but only 8 people survive to tell the story.

So it was 3 months later starving and thirsty. Then they all had an idea to Kill the youngest person in the boat. His name was Owen Coffin so they started to shoot him Then he was eaten by them. In the End the ship saved them.