Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Going Fishing.

This is my advice column for fishing at lake Taupo

My Mum and My Sister in Law.

My sister in law is a Mum she is engaged to my older brother named Solu Fau he goes to the Gym. She has one big kid named Cedric and a little one that’s just been born 3 weeks I don’t know his name yet. She’s a normal mum and a strong mum she is. my nephew is so lucky to have her as a Mum maybe my nephew is going to be a Dad.

My Mum Is awesome she is helpful to the people in my dad’s family and to her family. She works at the L'Oreal Paris  hair staff she has lot’s of friends. When I get into trouble she has to come to the school I have let’n her down and I get to miss out on my Learning time.She is happy when all of us my brothers do the the right thing and get a certificate or Awards. She is the best mum I have ever had I’m glad to have her in my life.  

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My Awesome Brother

My brother George is so cool that every Saturday he will get tries all the time and he will be the top scorer in his team. George  helps my Uncle Dave  training the under 17s. Also George is the muscles in the family, more than my two older Brothers. He always has training's on Monday and Thursday at Thompson Park where the Mt. Wellington Warriors Club is. His manager in the team is
Ros Takari and the trainer is named Tony.