Wednesday, 21 September 2016

visiting Tamaki College

Wednesday,  September the 20th our students of year 8 and I got a opportunity to go to Tamaki college to see how it would be if were going there or not. When we got there there was a lovely lady here name was  Mrs Moore who was the deputy principal of TC. We all got into three groups and went to our classes.

Our first subject was Social studies we met teacher  named Mr Allison. We learnt about how people around the world how they arrive to school. For me well yesterday I walked pretty early to school because I had Basketball training. Then we had to create ourselves some new pair of shoes. My one was fake Roshes with Under Armour logo and a saying
Jhon worry. We had to say goodbye to Mr Allison because we went had to go to our next class.

Later on we met a Numeracy teacher Mrs Dunn. She taught us about Algebra. Incase you have not noticed that Algebra has letter and numbers. For example 2a + 3a = 5a but the it got even harder. We did lots of question which only my friend Stevenson could get the answers and was pretty lucky to get a chocolate.

After that we had interval and had a Muesli bar, Apple and a spring water bottle. Later on we went to our normal tech classes on Tuesday. My group is in graphics with Mr Pineda we are creating our own drink bottles. Mine is 1.25 liters, Grey and blue color, Flavour Pear and Apple and the theme is sports. Later after that we had Lunch time we had Subway, Apple and a water bottle.

30 minutes later we had our English classes to go to. I was with a teacher a teacher that I am really looking forward to attending his class his name is Mr Stevenson. Why I want to attend his class is because he has been working with my brother. Who has graduate last year and I wanted to be that same person as my brother when I go to TC.

2 pm we went to the Tamaki Recreation center and did 2 activities. We played a game don’t know what it is called but it was like tiggy but you can’t move with the ball. We played three or four rounds of this game and then went back to the hall to get ready to go home. Then we saw the deputy principal of TC and told us that the 1’st xv might have a chance to go to the A group if they can beat the lowest A group in there. When I heard that I really want to try and make the 1st xv team to make my school proud and communitie happy.

GOAL: For me next year my goals is to be like my older brother George. Why because he graduated, was a prefect and  made it to some rep teams for league like Akarana Falcons and  Vulcans.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Long long time ago there lived a volcano he lived in the middle of the ocean. He sang a song wishing his dream will come true that hopefully he would have someone to lava him. He sang his song everyday waiting.  He didn't notice there was a nice lady all the way at the back of him listening to his song.

She felt so sad too that she wanted someone to lava her too. So she sang the same song wishing that the volcano would hear her voice.

Later on the volcano was in a light sleep until he heard a voice. He said “ That's not a normal voice that is the most beautiful voice I have ever heard before’’. As he was listening he cried with loving tears in his eyes.

He was so happy that he had finally he had heard a lady volcano listening to him. As she was singing he sang along with her they sang everyday wishing they could meet.  

The house next door

This is a story about three brothers John, Bob and Nick they lived in an old small house where they lived next to an forest. On an hot cloudy Saturday morning John and his brothers decided to go for a bush walk. So the Brothers agreed to go they gotten all the things they needed for a bush walk and went off.

While they were walking they saw car tracks and a strange thing on the side of the footpath. They saw a Letter box were there were scratches on the side and it had the number 20. Bob realized that there were not any number twenty on the road but they also realized that the number was 21. Later on they kept on walking trying to find the house 20 but they couldn't find the house so they walked backed.

They walked for long long time they did not know where they were going. So The brothers had no choice they decided to sleep at the forest till he see a car or someone to come bye. The next morning they woke up hearing a  strange noise the heard a song a funny song a loud song they could hear it coming down were the 21 house. So they packed their bags and went to the 21 mail box and looked down the hill. They could see cars a house and people so the went running to 21 house and ran and ran. Finally they made it to the house and introduced themselves to them and they had good neighbors  from that day now.   

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Brenda Martinez

This presentation is about a little girl who has been struggling with running shoes because she loved to run.