Friday, 8 April 2016

Fiafia Night

Last night (7th of April) Pt England school had our annual Fiafia. It was so cool when I got there there were heaps of people. There were people eating food, talking, laughing and enjoying the time in school. When we had to get into our dressing rooms everyone was nervous and exciting at the same time. Once Mr Burt called out to tell us to move to the stage we were ready. We sat down the MC’s were introducing themselves and the first group. The MC’s were Jordan,Collin,Elizabeth and Marilyn they were Prefects.The first group was the senior kapa haka they did an awesome performance. Later on we were on next we were after Jump Jam all of us were worried. This dance was represented by our beloved ones Priscilla and also the Tui Family. As it was our last dance we tried our very best we did our actions big sang the song but still inside we were nervous. Finally we were finished we all quickly went of the stage and we all felt good about ourselves. After that we finished all the parents came to get us in our rooms wanting to huge us. Finally i went home I was so exhausted about the Fiafia finally I went to sleep.

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