Friday, 29 July 2016

Immersion Assembly

Sitting on the ground watching all the performances pretty excited to see team 5’s. Later on Mr Burt said give a round of applause for team…. 5 everyone clapped. Mrs Giant and the other teachers ran up to the stage. It was a big shock to all the teachers and students when they saw Mr Boko in his skirt.
Mrs Giant called upon Miss Cherry the Australian competitive. She was pretty humble in her little speech. Miss Cherry leapt into action. Her score was 3/7!  She was pretty sad because she vomited half way through her dance.
It was Miss Clock’s turn. She was pretty shy because she was speechless. Miss Clock did her dance but hit herself with the hula hoop and lost a tooth. Her score was ⅖ she was pretty disappointed about her score. She saw it was Mr Boko’s turn and knew he would be good!
It was Mr boko’s turn. He had a skateboard and did a 360 flip,ollie,180 and did a dark catch grind. He did it effortlessly, such a pro!  Mr Boko’s score was 10/10 - he was the winner for 2016 !!!   

Mrs Frodo went to Mr boko and gave him his gold medal. Mr Boko was so proud and waved to Miss Boko and his daughter, Miss berry was crying a lot but then her dad came to give a hug and Miss clock was crying too but with blood in her mouth pouring down.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Ancient Olympics

If I was alive when the Olympics first started - I would choose to participate in the sport of boxing.Why?   I would be a boxer because I love watching Joseph  Parker and his moves. It is pretty cool to hear that they used straps around there arms instead huge glove i'm sure just by one hit it will be sour. Im wondering right know if I was a world champ and played I'll think by one hit i'll have the fastest knock out. Also I'll make a move call it the Flying hit.
Here is a photo of what they wear to fight in.

Thursday, 7 July 2016


There was once a man named Jeff who won a prize which included a camera and a trip to Long Bay beach. He needed to travel there and so he headed to the Glen Innes Train Station. The wait there was long - 3 hours!

He wandered around the place and saw a sign that was said 'Great Tongs Takeaways'. He thought to himself that it was a maths shop so he entered the shop with his books and pen and saw six plates on a table. A lady came up to him and said “Are you here to compete in the eating chicken wing contest”. Jeff replied “No I'm here to learn My Takeaways”. The lady smiled and replied “Okay come along then sit right here, first you have to eat all this under 45 minutes okay now go”. Jeff wasn't sure how this would help learning his takeaways but he obeyed. He was nervous he took a bite of his first one - it felt crunchy and hard. Jeff had only had 40 more wings!

Jeff's time was up when he saw the train coming and rushed  quickly he had about 5 more minutes until the train moves he saw a lady holding a sandwich and a snickers bar. Jeff told the lady if she can take a video of him walking inside the train Jeff was walking until boyz passing the ball. Then he had to go again but this one was alright after his video the lady gave the camera to jeff and then. The door closed the lady was outside Jeff tried to open the but couldn't. So the lady went to his son that was in the train was upset so Jeff went up to the boy and said it’s alright i’ll be here till your mum cames. After that the train stopped at sylvia park Jeff asked the little boy “What is your name”. The little boy replied “Isaac, Isaac is my name”. So they sat and waited and waited and then finally the train came we tried to find Isaac’s mother but there was no sign of her. So they sat down but when the sat they could hear a strange name calling a sound that was saying “Isaac Isaac”. So just as the train was gone we saw Isaac’s mum facing her back to us and we said “Mum Mum” out loud. Then she turned around happy to see her son but probably angry to see Jeff. Later on Jest when she arrived she hugged Isaac Kissed Him and said thank you to Jeff and paid him $50 dollars and they lived happily ever after.