Friday, 29 July 2016

Immersion Assembly

Sitting on the ground watching all the performances pretty excited to see team 5’s. Later on Mr Burt said give a round of applause for team…. 5 everyone clapped. Mrs Giant and the other teachers ran up to the stage. It was a big shock to all the teachers and students when they saw Mr Boko in his skirt.
Mrs Giant called upon Miss Cherry the Australian competitive. She was pretty humble in her little speech. Miss Cherry leapt into action. Her score was 3/7!  She was pretty sad because she vomited half way through her dance.
It was Miss Clock’s turn. She was pretty shy because she was speechless. Miss Clock did her dance but hit herself with the hula hoop and lost a tooth. Her score was ⅖ she was pretty disappointed about her score. She saw it was Mr Boko’s turn and knew he would be good!
It was Mr boko’s turn. He had a skateboard and did a 360 flip,ollie,180 and did a dark catch grind. He did it effortlessly, such a pro!  Mr Boko’s score was 10/10 - he was the winner for 2016 !!!   

Mrs Frodo went to Mr boko and gave him his gold medal. Mr Boko was so proud and waved to Miss Boko and his daughter, Miss berry was crying a lot but then her dad came to give a hug and Miss clock was crying too but with blood in her mouth pouring down.

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