Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly.

On the 1st day of term 2 Pt England school had a Immersion Assembly. 
As I see it  is the team inquiry where we do arts, making, building and creating. Team 1 started. Mrs George introduced what her team was doing. They are drawing the favorite things for what they like and putting it into paper such as chocolate, hokey pokey and rugby.

Team 2 are focusing on seasons like Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter. Each class has a season Winter is Miss Eadie, Ms Szymanik has Summer, Mrs Nalder has Spring and Ms Tumahai has Autumn.

Team 3 are focusing on building and designing houses and other things. Their ideas were based on a movie they have been watching, inspired from the  T.V show Grand designs.

Team 4 are creating their own comic books using pastel in their coloring. They are even creating comics on their Chromebooks too.
Lastly Team 5 are focusing on on our school waka’s. They are Hinemoana (Blue), Te Aurere (Red), Hikianalia (Yellow) and Hokule’a (Green).

I really liked team 4 because they are doing something creative that involves drawing and making things. I also can’t wait to see what they will make this term and see what their different character's name are.

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