Friday, 16 September 2016

Long long time ago there lived a volcano he lived in the middle of the ocean. He sang a song wishing his dream will come true that hopefully he would have someone to lava him. He sang his song everyday waiting.  He didn't notice there was a nice lady all the way at the back of him listening to his song.

She felt so sad too that she wanted someone to lava her too. So she sang the same song wishing that the volcano would hear her voice.

Later on the volcano was in a light sleep until he heard a voice. He said “ That's not a normal voice that is the most beautiful voice I have ever heard before’’. As he was listening he cried with loving tears in his eyes.

He was so happy that he had finally he had heard a lady volcano listening to him. As she was singing he sang along with her they sang everyday wishing they could meet.  

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