Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Show not tell.

Rainbow’s end

Going to Rainbow’s end feeling nervous my first time there going on the Pirate ship. Hopped on the instructor telling us the rules I was so scared that i’ll vomit or pee my pants. Who know’s what going to happened but then. It started it went in a slow pace I said to myself nothing to worry it feels like a kid ride then. It went even faster I couldn't handle it put my hands up in the air but once I put my hands up I had a funny feeling it was wet down my pants. I said to the instructor sir “ I peed my pant” I felt embarrassed but when I looked down it was my bottle of water. Then I hoped of walking with my jumper in front of me.

Later on I said to myself I should do one more but this one is the fear fall but at the same time i'm not bringing my water bottle. I hopped on buckled my seat I was by myself when I went up and up it felt like I was on the sky tower. When I got up there it stopped I started shivering because it was cold I had butterflies in my tummy then… I went down I had that same funny feeling when I was on the Pirate ship. I looked down I had My bottle but I realise that I left my bottle I said to myself did I pee my pants. Just when I got on the ground I thought it was raining already Actually it wasn't raining it was pee.