Monday, 16 May 2016

Revolution tour

On Thursday the 12th of May  Pt England school’s year 7 and 8 went to the hall. In the hall was the Revolution tour they came and performed for us by telling us 'we can do it', we can do things better. Then Regi introduced himself and the team they were mostly singers, they were pretty good. Regi played a song which I forgot but he played it on a trumpet.

Later on his friend came, she sang let it go it was cool barley everyone sang because it was a girl song to be honest. Soon as that finished Regi played another song which I also have no idea. After that he brought out two sisters and sang work by Rihanna. Next Regi told us some jokes and telling us that men and women are different.

Later he told us that he didn't have a mum or a dad and he did not know that he had brothers our sisters. He grew up in a foster home in America and look at him now he is know in the Revolution tour cool,funny and a person to look up to. Then he told us a little saying to us that goes like this' I can..You can..We can..I got your back'. What was soo cool about that is that it had enthusiasm Then he did a last song on his trumpet he did one call away. Then we all got up and did the running man challenge song.

What I like about the Revolution tour is that they make people laugh sometimes they talk about what they have been through in the past and other things. Maybe next time i’ll try and remember the songs that Regi played.

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