Thursday, 30 October 2014

Born to weave

This is about born to weave flax. it will tell all about what is flax.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How to be a good Pt.Englander

How to be a good Pt.Englander to teachers and classmates.

Introduction is missing
I am going to teach you how to be a good Pt Englander. You need to be a good friend, eat healthy food and listen to people around you.

To be a good friend you have to listen to a teacher and don’t talk when they are talking. Your classmates can like you if you respect them and care for them. Everyone will love you if you listen to what they say and if you help them with work.

You need to eat healthy food...

To be successful you need to listen to people around you...To be a good Pt. Englander to other people

you have to be good to people and they will be good back to you if you help someone they might pay you. You should love one another and you will be a good friend to others and you will be a role model.

This is how you can be a good Pt Englander! You now have all the tools to be one amazing person!


Regular Show

Regular Show is my best funnest show I love to watch it on Cartoon Network. But my best Characters are Mordecai and Rigby because they all ways get into trouble and always make a mess in the Park.
I hope Regular show will all ways be on so I can keep watching it on and on again.

The man who plays mordecai is J.G Quintel also the man who plays Rigby is William Saylers.  Also I hope they will be
new characters on Regular Show.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Reading a Map

This photo is about a compass to know were to go when you are lost.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


My Holiday

The 26th of September to October the 13rd

On the first day of the holiday It was cool I stayed home watched T.V cartoon network and also played outside playing Rugby. My brother Sione was looking after us and also my Mum she had the day off. On Tuesday I did the same thing but cleaned up the whole house but my mum was not here. On Wednesday did the same thing but did the dishes but still my mum had to work. One Thursday did the same thing but did not go outside. On Friday did the same thing but my dad was looking after us and about 11:30 pm My Brother George came back from his camp OPC.

On Monday the 2nd week of the Holiday I had practice I was in Cyrus group but Lorenzo.L was in the other group My part was easy. On Wednesday we had practice again. Then the Next day on Thursday we had rehearsal I sort of did it good but we all caked it on the song. Later on Sunday it was the real deal we had to do this right and Magnificent to the Minister. But then we did all good but sort of caked it on the song. Also that is what I did in my Holiday.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Hot to stay safe in the sun

It is important to keep away from the sun because it can give you Skin Cancer and you can get angry at a lot of people.

If you want to go out on the beach you have to where and put on a Hat, Sun glass, Sunblock and cold ice water to keep you fresh throw out the day so you don’t get real hot.

To stay safe you have to put on Sun glass so the sun won't hurt your eyes and you won't get blind from the sun. The sun it really hot but lava is hotter because the sun is not close to earth it’s far far away from us.

To also stay safe out in the sun you have to wear a hat for your head so you don’t get Skin Cancer and it can protect your face in the shade. To keep you safe also you have to have Sun Block to protect you skin so you don’t get burnt from the sun. It might be 50% good for your skin but it will come off a couple of hours later.

You can be safe from the sun by drink cold water more often. If you don’t you can become dehydrated and sick from the sun. Instead of being hot and thirsty out in the sun all day remember to drink lots of water!

So the next time you're out in the sun you should have a Hat, Sunblock, Sun glass and a bottle of cold water with you so that you stay safe in the sun.