Friday, 20 March 2015

My day

On the 19th of March I went to the sports day for the Kelston deaf Education Center. But wait there is more while I was gone the year 7 and 8’s went to the Polyfest out in Manukau. It was fun at the sports day because I met new friends there names were Tangi, Wiremu, Tevita and Ricky. I did running I came 4th also did long jump and did discus I came 2nd in high jump. But while we were doing it the rain came pouring down. So the manager told us and the other kids that it is dangerous to do the activity and they had to cancel it. So while we were going I was in the car with Rosemary and we stopped at the Mcdonalds to go and get use an ice cream with  M&M. After school I went to my drama class with Miss Muliaumasealii we all learnt the Kailao. It is a wood stick that the Tongan boys dance with. When I went home my mum said get changed we are going to Tamaki college for the Samoan dance. My brother’s name is George he is a year 13 and he is a Prefect at Tamaki College. After the show my Mum, Dad and my 3 little brothers and I went to the Mcdonalds to buy the X Factor family pack. I had a really good day at the sports day and at Tamaki I am also looking forward to Tamaki so I can be like my brother George at Polyfest.

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  1. This ended up being a fantastic day for you by what I read here Izac. I'm glad that your teacher persisted in chasing up the permission slip with you. You did very well at this event! Drama is a good thing to be part of - it certainly can build up your confidence and discipline. Keep being involved in these things and work on getting yourself well organised for the different events they will bring to the year ahead.


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