Friday, 20 March 2015


Hi my name is Izac I am 11 years old I am a year 7 I go to pt England School. I have 5 brothers. Three older brothers and two little brothers. My favorite sports team is the Warriors because Shaun Johnson  because he is the best person I know at stepping.

I have a dog name Fehow it is a girl she is a Pittbull we got her when she was a puppy. My favourite subject at school is tough, maths and writing also I love to learn new things so I can get ready for College. My learning goals is to do well in my maths, reading and writing. I am good at Rugby League because I like to tackle and win for my team. I am also good at High Jump. Sometimes I don’t make it to the internet's because there are good people to beat. I really like Pt England School because it is making me be better at working with what I need to change my self with a Positive attitude and bring my Hearing Adds to school.

Undersea Garden

Here is all the things you need to know about Undersea Garden

My day

On the 19th of March I went to the sports day for the Kelston deaf Education Center. But wait there is more while I was gone the year 7 and 8’s went to the Polyfest out in Manukau. It was fun at the sports day because I met new friends there names were Tangi, Wiremu, Tevita and Ricky. I did running I came 4th also did long jump and did discus I came 2nd in high jump. But while we were doing it the rain came pouring down. So the manager told us and the other kids that it is dangerous to do the activity and they had to cancel it. So while we were going I was in the car with Rosemary and we stopped at the Mcdonalds to go and get use an ice cream with  M&M. After school I went to my drama class with Miss Muliaumasealii we all learnt the Kailao. It is a wood stick that the Tongan boys dance with. When I went home my mum said get changed we are going to Tamaki college for the Samoan dance. My brother’s name is George he is a year 13 and he is a Prefect at Tamaki College. After the show my Mum, Dad and my 3 little brothers and I went to the Mcdonalds to buy the X Factor family pack. I had a really good day at the sports day and at Tamaki I am also looking forward to Tamaki so I can be like my brother George at Polyfest.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Addition Pyramid T1W7

Today miss Kyla challenged us to use different strategy's for the addition pyramid . I noticed that I used pluses to get my answer's.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Holiday Highlight.

My holiday highlight were when I went to my brothers house. I slept over so we could go bowling. I went with my two brothers and my brothers wife with her brothers and nieces. We went to the Botany Extreme Bowling it was fun I came 3rd 126. Then I went to a holiday program called Tamaki Pride It was so fun there I went with my four Brothers George, Sione, Fonzo and Exodus.

It was awesome there it’s coming up these April holidays if you would like to come. Also in December when school will finish. On the last week of the Holiday I went and my slept over My Aunt’s house. It was so cool because we went to the Mangere with my aunt and her 3 kids named Ben, Lee and Salafai. It was so cool there we had fun I wish if I went there again. Then I had to go home to get ready for school. School was on I was so glad to be at school to meet my friends. My teacher is Mrs Tele’a and my four back up teachers are Miss Peato, Mrs Moala, Mr Wiseman and Miss Clark. They are very kind and they always say the right things to me.