Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Tevita into trouble

On a sunny day one afternoon there was boy name Tevita who has been into trouble all the time. The teacher put him in the netbook room because he was not listening. Miss Ouano left Tevita in the netbook room, but forgot he was there.

Then it was getting darker he got soooo scared that he was scared of the darkness. Then he went on his Chromebook and he just knew that the netbook door was locked. So his eyes were tearing drops into his eyes for his mother.

He found a mobile  phone under the whiteboard. Suddenly it did not work and he knew why because the wire was  broken because the wire  was cut.

Later Miss Ouano was at home and her husband told how was you day. Then Miss Ouano just got into her car and ran up to the classroom and open the door and then he was saved from his gorgeous teacher.  

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