Friday, 20 March 2015


Hi my name is Izac I am 11 years old I am a year 7 I go to pt England School. I have 5 brothers. Three older brothers and two little brothers. My favorite sports team is the Warriors because Shaun Johnson  because he is the best person I know at stepping.

I have a dog name Fehow it is a girl she is a Pittbull we got her when she was a puppy. My favourite subject at school is tough, maths and writing also I love to learn new things so I can get ready for College. My learning goals is to do well in my maths, reading and writing. I am good at Rugby League because I like to tackle and win for my team. I am also good at High Jump. Sometimes I don’t make it to the internet's because there are good people to beat. I really like Pt England School because it is making me be better at working with what I need to change my self with a Positive attitude and bring my Hearing Adds to school.

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