Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Holiday Highlight.

My holiday highlight were when I went to my brothers house. I slept over so we could go bowling. I went with my two brothers and my brothers wife with her brothers and nieces. We went to the Botany Extreme Bowling it was fun I came 3rd 126. Then I went to a holiday program called Tamaki Pride It was so fun there I went with my four Brothers George, Sione, Fonzo and Exodus.

It was awesome there it’s coming up these April holidays if you would like to come. Also in December when school will finish. On the last week of the Holiday I went and my slept over My Aunt’s house. It was so cool because we went to the Mangere with my aunt and her 3 kids named Ben, Lee and Salafai. It was so cool there we had fun I wish if I went there again. Then I had to go home to get ready for school. School was on I was so glad to be at school to meet my friends. My teacher is Mrs Tele’a and my four back up teachers are Miss Peato, Mrs Moala, Mr Wiseman and Miss Clark. They are very kind and they always say the right things to me.

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