Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How to be a good Pt.Englander

How to be a good Pt.Englander to teachers and classmates.

Introduction is missing
I am going to teach you how to be a good Pt Englander. You need to be a good friend, eat healthy food and listen to people around you.

To be a good friend you have to listen to a teacher and don’t talk when they are talking. Your classmates can like you if you respect them and care for them. Everyone will love you if you listen to what they say and if you help them with work.

You need to eat healthy food...

To be successful you need to listen to people around you...To be a good Pt. Englander to other people

you have to be good to people and they will be good back to you if you help someone they might pay you. You should love one another and you will be a good friend to others and you will be a role model.

This is how you can be a good Pt Englander! You now have all the tools to be one amazing person!


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