Thursday, 13 June 2013

Izac's Otto

Chapter:2 Then the next day Otto made lots of mastiks. Later Charlie got crosser and crosser and so crosser. At play time when Otto was in the playground Charlie decide to scare him. So Charlie went up to Otto and said if you stand here you will get eaten by a bear. So Charlie giggled and he said we keep the bear in the head’s office all earth schools have a bear.

Later on afternoon the class was having a treasure hunt. All the children were forward to it. After Miss Underwood gave each pair of children the same clue. Then Miss Underwood told Joe I want you to work in a pair with Otto. Then Otto said work in a pair said Otto. How it will have to be a pear. Not too  juicy. We can get all too sticky Joe laughed oh Otto! you don’t understand anything. So the treasure hunt began. Charlie work with Josh. And Jo work with Otto. This was the clue that they had to follow so it said start at the classroom door. Then walk along don’t go right then you won’t wrong. What does that mean? said Charlie. But Miss Underwood hide it last time. Lets go there quick will be there first. Later on Otto jumped to follow them but Charlie had a plan. He stuck his foot and tripped Otto up enjoy the trip so Charlie laughed and he ran with Josh. So Joe helped Otto so Jo said hurry up Otto. Later Otto said we won’t be last because they all went the wrong way.

To be continued....

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