Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Izac's Oh Otto

Ounce at a school a teacher called Miss Underwood told her class that a very important message. That a new boy has came to our school and his name was Otto he has lived far far away in a fact called outer. After Otto came to the class. Then Miss Underwood told Otto to sit next to Jo and Charlie and Josh. Later on Miss Underwood told Otto if you need a hand and Otto said i don’t need a hand i got two hands here. Later Miss Underwood said to Otto sit down and just be a dear. Then Otto said I don’t think i can be a deer...but I can quack like a duck so he flapped his arms. After Charlie decide to join in so Miss Underwood  told Miss Underwood off but not Otto. Then Miss Underwood said to Charlie you know better than that so Charlie walked away and got angry and he did not like Otto a bit.

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