Monday, 10 November 2014

My Weekend

In the Weekend on Saturday I went over to see my brother I went with my Dad but ounce we got there he was not home it was just his wife and the two little one the oldest is named Cedric and the younger one Kendrick is the baby. My brother was at the Middle-more Hospitable so me my dad and Cedric went to go pick him up at the Hospitable. After that I went home before we went home we got some ice Cream.

On Sunday I went to Church for Sunday school after that I went home with George. Then once we got home my older brother came with the babys Kendrick and Cedric. After that me and George went to go play outside we played rugby. In my team I had my Brother and my friend next door his name is Stephen.We won 7 to 5 then we all went inside but then Cedric and Kendrick had to go home. Later on we all went to bed for a good night sleep ready for school.

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