Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Use your W.I.T.S

At Pt England school we should always use our wits so that we can be safe and stay out of trouble.

W mean We should always use our walk away means helping you calm down. After you have calm down you can talk to people.

I means that we should always ignore the people that are mocking you. So we don’t start a fight.

T means that we should talk about it to solve the problems. Then we can stay out of trouble. It’s good 
to talk about it to stay friends.

S means to seek help like your Family,Mr Chong Lee,Teachers,Friends and Mr Burt. Sometimes kids need help with anger problems like me. We should always talk to people to calm down.

To solve other people's problems or our own, know we can remember our W.I.T.S

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