Monday, 4 November 2013

The Whisper

Once there was a school kid there was 3 kids named Josh, Kris and Steven he was the oldest. Suddenly while they were walking they saw a farm they heard a whisper but know one was there so they had to keep walking then they heard another voice it was like this CAME HERE. Then they walked in the farm and saw someone he was whispering to them say in a silent sound CALL 911.

They took him to the hospital and saw him laying there. Then a nurse came and seed what happened. They said we don’t know we just saw him asking for help it felt like he got beaten up so the nurse had to tell the man. Later on the man was telling the story and he said he got robbed when 2 Men were walking pass.

A while ago the police came and the story again so they had to find out how done this. Then Josh, Kris and Steven went back home with the man he tried to get his memories back so he can remember the man that robbed him. Later when they got home  the man relies Steven”s dad he thought that it was him it looked like him but it wasn't so he said how are you in a big voice!.

So he had to call the police because he thinks it’s him and then the guy punched him in the face and made him got to sleep. A while later Steven called the police in his cell phone and and the police came. and took him to jail.

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