Monday, 11 November 2013

Izac Athletics

Last week on Friday  Pt England had another  Athletics. Then we started to do our first event it was my favorite High Jump I like High Jump because i’m a bit good at it. Then the next one was Running i’m not the good runner but sometimes I try to win.

Later on we had discus that was so cool because had three turns each and it was a bit easy. I’ll next one was javelin was a bit hard because I have never ever done Javelin in my life again it was cool thy. Then we had morning tea 30 min later we had relays and tiger- o- war it was fun cause we had tiger- o- war.

Later on we had shot put had so fun because I've been trying for shot put. Then we were finish we had Lunch time one hour later we had a race teachers students and parents it was so cool because I like to watch the parents run. It was so cool at Athletics I like to do it again.

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