Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Holiday

In the Holiday’s I was going to go riverside camp but suddenly I slept in because I spent at 12:30 AM. Then I wanted to go to my older brother’s house and his name was Four he was my best brother I ever had. Later on I played on his PS3 game, I was playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. A little while later I went shopping with his wife and the son name Cedric and the wife named was Tela.   

Then the next day I went to the basketball court on Wednesday
, me ,my brother four and his wife’s two older brother name Andrew and Michael played a two team and I was with my brother, we were a team. Then I got tired and the I went for a cold shower cause I was itchy and hot. In the afternoon me and my brother went to go pick up his wife and went shopping again.

Then I had one more day there so I made the most of it. So I played on the PS3, played on the computer, enjoyed playing outside and also playing on the playground. Later I had an ice-cream and my flavour was chocolate. Then they dropped me off then I was at home.

Now that was my best two weeks of holidays and I want to go their again.

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