Friday, 13 September 2013

Five Little Pigs Secret

Five Little Pigs SECRET?

Once upon a time, there lived a mother pig who lived in a cottage with her five little pigs. Everyday, mother pig had to go to work at a big house down the end of the lane. The five little pigs were supposed to go to school in the village.

Mother pig told the mouse that tomorrow he was to run after the five little pigs to see what they did and he would get cheese as a reward. The mouse agreed and next day scampered off and followed first on little pig and then another.
When mother pig came home in the evening she looked at her children and asked them if the had gone to school today as usual. They all said ‘’Yes.’’
Suddenly she heard a “Squeaky’’ voice in a hole. “Oh no” said the mouse “They didn't
go to school I followed all of them they weren't telling the truth.” So the mouse came forward and pointed to one and another the mouse said “They did not go to school today” said the mouse.

The pigs were so ’’Furious’’ that the five little pigs had been caught from the mouse because the mouse gave their secret away. Now the pigs were annoyed from the mouse because they had to go to school every day. But they couldn't do anything. From then on the pigs had to go to school or there tell their mother.


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