Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Captain Hook version

Hello I am Captain Hook. Most of you know me as the bad guy from the story of  Peter Pan and his friends that he brought to Never l
and. I am going to tell you my version of the story, the truth! One day me and Peter Pan were in a pirate team together and we sailed the sea for five years. Then suddenly I changed because Peter Pan brings some friends to Never land to look after his place because Peter Pan is selling the sea’s.  They were called Jake and his Never Land pirates.

Later on I wanted to get Peter Pan so he will never  return so I had a battle with Peter Pan. Then Peter Pan chopped my left arm off and fed it to the crocodile and we were no longer a team.

Then I saw a person named Mr Smith had this hook on his hands, then he gave it to me and  said what happened to your left hand. Later on  we got to know each other and then we were a team.

After that since me and Mr Smith are in a team I thought that we could get revenge on Peter Pan and destroy his life, now that I’ve got a team.
We then went with Mr Smith and sneaked out to get him. Then I jumped, we had a fight and then he cut my right hand off and then I said “I surrender”.

And that is my version of my story and thank you for listening to my point of view.


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