Thursday, 21 March 2013

Camp 2013

Last week, the Year 5’s and 6’s were at camp.  The camp was held on the Pt England School field.  When it was my first day at camp I  was put in the Opstars group and I was very excited because I was going to do three things, table tennis, rollerblading and basketball.
When it was Tuesday I went with the Opstars walking to Pt England beach. When we got there we sowme the Kayaks, we got excited. When we sat down Mr Burt told us something important that when you peddle your hand need to turn up. When it was me to jump in a kayak I peddle so hard that I got stronger.

When it was to go our tent my parena was Shaitarn, When it was time to go sleep we first we went to go into a class. We watched Mr Popper's  Penguin. Table Tennis it was finished we all went to go and brush our teeth we all went in our tents we went asleep.

Next year I hope for another camp.I really enjoy camp because it was so fun that we had fun games.         

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