Monday, 23 November 2015

Rainbows End

On Friday the 20th year 7’s went to Rainbows End. The year 8’s stayed at school while we were going. We went on a bus all the way to Manukau. Later on we got there it was packed full of other schools. Then we had to put a band on so we can go on a ride. Once we got in there we straight went on the rides I was with Toma, Dartanian, Iti, Shelford and la. La was our parent helper it was Toma's cousin the first ride we went on was the pirate ship. It was so cool that all it did was just go sideways it went higher and higher.

After that we went on the Fear Fall it I was excited to go on it but when we got on my legs were shaking i think couldn't do this. But when we went higher i was so scared I wanted to jump out but when we got right to the top…… It went down fast when it stopped I was happy that me and my friends that I was with made down we were so happy. I was lying on the hugging it and I also hugged the people that were doing the Fear Fall.

Later on we went on the motion Master it was so cool we word 3D glasses it was so amazing that we sat on these chairs that had bars on them. We were like these people who went on space with lasers it was so thrill it was pretty scary.

Next we went on the roller coaster me and my friend Dartanian did not want to go on because it looked pretty scary to me and him. While we were waiting for the others we just ate our lunch waiting.

Later on we went on bumper carts it was cool driving around in cool cars. Later on we went on the Pirate ship one more time before we had to leave to go back to school.

It was so cool to go on rides at Rainbows End I hope next year we can do this again.

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