Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A time something went missing.

When I just turned 11, my dad brought me a watch that looked pretty sweet. It was just a normal watch I didn't think it was so expensive. The color of it was blue, the numbers were colour gold and the picture on it was my favorite program called Regular Show. That is why I think it was a pretty expensive watch after I looked more closely at it. From that day on it was my favorite watch and the first watch that I had ever owned.

That same day while I was walking to school I checked the time on my watch to see if I was late. But once I looked at my wrist it was gone I had no clue where I left it. So I said to myself did I lose it or did I just leave it at home. So I went to school still wondering where my watch was. I was so emotional that I felt so sad.

Straight after school I went home looking for my watch I looked everywhere and as I was looking I had released that I didn't get my watch off my dad. So I said to my mum “When is dad coming home from work?” she said “Around 10:00 o’clock” I had to wait till the next day because I had to go to sleep early for school.. But couldn't go to sleep because I was so excited for it.

The next day I told my dad where is my Watch and he said “It’s in my bag go and see.” I looked in my dad’s bag there it is I found my watch I was so happy that now I can take it to school and I will now the time so I won’t be late.

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  1. Great effort with your writing Izac! I see you've written a lot of interesting words and kept it exciting throughout the text. Fantastic! :)


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