Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Kelly Tarlton's.

Did you know that team 4 went to the Kelly Tarlton's at Monday the first of July to research there? It was near the city and we went there because team 4 is learning about Antarctica. We were all OVERJOYED because it was our first time there.

When we got there it was amazing in
Kelly Tarlton's everybody was screaming. So we went to see the penguins but when we were walking there was a man  who  took a photo and the there was a bridge. Around the bridge there were ice around it. Suddenly it was going around and a around. Then we saw the penguins swimming and playing. Later on we saw the Jellyfishes and the famous  clown fish brothers.

Next we went to the classroom to learn more about Antarctica. There was information about scott base. And do you know why scott base is green? It is green because it reminds them of their home of grass.Then we went to eat our lunch we were all soooo hungry to eat.

Later we went back to research about all the animals and fish. Then we were so tired when we got back to school. We were so DELIGHTED that we went to Kelly Tarlton’s.

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